Trust your business's heating and cooling system to the experts at Hillside Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. When you utilize our maintenance, service & installation offerings over time, we will have a complete assessment of a complex or building. All pertinent information will be logged and can be requested at any time. This assists both Hillside and our customers in understanding and correcting issues, budgeting replacements, and prioritization of tasks.

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Hillside specializes in light commercial installations and difficult retrofit applications. We will design and build solutions for your HVAC problems for remodels, tenant improvements, roofing projects, and expansions, including equipment, duct work, zoning, and controls for internet access & monitoring. Hillside also works with a team of engineers & contractors to provide planning from design & submittal to installation and warranty on projects both large and small.


Hillside’s maintenance ranges from Routine to Deluxe and include quarterly bids, cleanings, and equipment information sheets that are customizable to each client’s needs. Predictive maintenance packages include technical readings to justify proposed repairs and predict breakdowns. These sheets include static pressure, amp draws, Freon™ pressures, super-heat, and sub-cooling. All aspects of the system are tested over the course of a year. We inform our tenants of all potential problems based on these readings and will help you determine what is important and what can wait.

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