What Sets Us Apart

  • 1 Our first priority in a new complex is organization. This includes an inventory of all equipment, stenciling the units, locating and marking the thermostats, and assigning all items to the suite or areas serviced. This ensures that all concerned parties are talking about the same unit and also facilitates service calls.
  • 2 The next step is the equipment log sheets. They list make, model, serial, filter size, voltage, unit numbers, and suites. The equipment log sheets are used by the technician and office for record keeping. They are provided annually or upon request.
  • 3 Hillside also maintains an annual operating report for each unit. Our technicians use digital meters and gauges to take system readings based on the season and ASHRAE Standard 180 Tasks. These readings are noted and tracked to catch problems, monitor deterioration and offer firm evidence to support our repair and replacement recommendations. The readings are listed on the equipment log sheets and are fully populated annually.
  • 4 Technician recommendations and operating parameters are taken into account, and flat-rate bids are generated, prioritized, and sent to our customers. Hillside technicians are not paid commissions or spiffs, so there is no incentive to "fix" what is not broken.
  • 5 Hillside maintenances are on quarter to quarter basis and can be canceled at any time.
  • 6 Our agreement gives you priority over non-contract customers during peak time periods.

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